More Leading Questions…

SA- What is it that speaks to you about photography as a creative medium?

CP- The contrast between black and white has always appealed to me. An image is reduced to the simplicity of lines created between the highlights and shadows.

SA- What are a couple of your favorite techniques?

CP- All darkroom processes! Working with my hands to shape the light and watching the images “magically” appear in the chemicals. This is a  continuation of the creative process combined with science. When working in the darkroom I am forced to slow down the thought process and identify the parts without drawing complete conclusions.

SA- Where do you find inspiration?

CP- I find inspiration in the world around me. Most of my photographic journeys begin with a walk in the woods and develop from there

SA- What’s your strongest memory of your childhood?

CP- I have a memory, that my mother says never happened, of crawling out of my crib and into her bed. I know that the crib I had as a child was on a hing, if I had tried to crawl out it would have swung me onto the floor, but it still remains crystal clear in my mind. This is where my work begins. How are memories formed, and how do they change as we grow and have new experiences.

SA- What themes are you currently exploring?

CP- I am currently working with memories. Delving into how the present changes our memories of the past. Moments made permanent in our minds, and yet, malleable with new perceptions and interpretations.

SA- What challenges do you face creatively?

CP- Finding the time.

 SA- What role do you think art plays in society?

CP- Art allows access to a change in perception. The everyday is portrayed by the artists through their own influences and beliefs. This allows the viewer to step out of their own lives for a moment and see the the world from a different angle. 

C. Petrie Photography

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The Photographer’s Words…

“”I create artifacts of time. My photographs speak to memories and a webbing of moments made permanent yet malleable in our minds. Some moments stretching and changing over time while others remain forever burned into the substance of our minds. I shoot mostly in film because it requires that I, the artist, slow down and fully integrate with the present while immersing myself in the past. The frames are limited and the moments fleeting. Each previous frame, each lesson learned, and each moment filled with emotions influence the results in the frozen frame. In an age of digital where hundreds of moments become millions of pixels stored with the idea of permanence and yet remaining temporary, film remains a tangible object, an original unchanged moment, an artifact that can be held living on after the spirit has left the body. I encourage conversations with my images. Each viewer brings their own timelines into the discussions. Much like a Rorschach Test different moments in our past influencing what is seen, remaining individual yet melding together into a new moment shared with the artist.”  


Photo Credits ~ Carly Petrie